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Building on Blessings!
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ARCHIVED Building on Blessings!

Welcome to our Building on Blessings page! This page is an archive which used to give updates on our building program completed in 2009. To see how we got here, go to our old Growing in Grace archive page. To see the latest photos of our construction project, go to our "Photo Album". If you have old photos you'd like included, please send them to the Building Team. Image collage below is from the last batch we received...

Photos from January 2009.

We broke ground for this 13,000 square foot addition on March 25th 2007. Williams Construction was our general contractor. Initial site work began in April and continued through July. We relocated the septic system and improved the drain field. We completely rebuilt the stormwater collection basin. The building permit was issued by Spotsylvania County on October 2, 2007. The construction-to-permanent loan is now transitioned to a 25 year mortgage. The elevator was delivered on Aug 15th 2008 and was installed, inspected, and is now fully oeprational. Electrical power was turned on for the first time on September 17th. The parking lot is now paved for the first time! We thank all our parishioners and visitors for your patience and adaptability during this exciting time of renovation and building.

The scope statement for this project is available on-line on the "Scope Statement" page. Plans for the building with approved floor coverings is available on-line on the "Plans" presentation.

To participate in our "adopt-a-room" program or make special gifts, see the latest status on-line at "Plans"

View the latest "Capital Appeal update" presentation given at the January 2009 congregational meeting.

Should you have any questions, please contact Eric Carlson. We invite you to donate on-line through Simply Giving using automatic withdrawal or your credit card!  Our many ministries are funded by your donations.  God's work; our hands!


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