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Dream! Resurrection's 2018-2021 Capital Appeal

At a special congregational meeting on Sunday 10 December 2017, the congregation voted to initiate a three-year capital campaign to raise $750,000 to support:

+ Renovation of church facilities

+ Reduction of mortgage

+ Funding to establish a new ministry for our community

As the campaign begins, information will be posted here providing additional detail:

Initial Letter from Pastor Heidi Moore

Second Letter from Pastor Heidi Moore

Initial Letter from Council President Judy Devey

Small Group Invitation and Information

Chris Campbell on Commitment

Parishioner on Challenge

Emily Slunt on Compassion

Greg Brock on Family

10 Days of Prayer 19-29 April 2018

Pastor Heidi Moore's sermon for 22 April

Initial Report on Commitment Sunday

Second Report on Dream! Commitments

God's Purpose for Resurrection Lutheran Church: Reflect the Light of Christ by Reaching, Loving, Caring!

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