Resurrection Lutheran Church 

Health Ministries Team Charter

Team Mission

To encourage and facilitate a sense of community within our congregation, living out Jesus’ call to care.  Health Ministry is an essential part of our congregation’s life, encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual health.  We provide opportunities for health education and support corresponding to the varied health needs within our congregation.

Team Goals

Our Goals for 2006-2007:

  1. Contact members to serve on the “Health Ministry Cabinet”.
  2. The Health Ministry Cabinet will formulate goals as part of their chartering process in early 2006.
  3. Explore funding options.
  4. Introduce the Parish Nurse concept to our congregation.

Team Objectives

  1. To Be Determined (All Goals)


  1. Team to focus on the support of our parishioners in all matters of health – physical and spiritual.


  1. Coordinate with other Ministry Teams as necessary.

  2. Emphasize health programs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

4.     Partner with community health organizations as guided by Pastors.


1.     The Treasurer shall establish two funding lines in support of this Team:

a.     One Dedicated Account funding line entitled “Health Ministries”.

b.     One Mission and Ministry Account budgeted funding line entitled “Health Ministry Team.”


2.     Funding for Team activities shall primarily be sourced through direct contributions through the Dedicated Account.

3.     Team leaders shall have discretionary obligation authority over the budgeted Mission and Ministry funding line.

4.     Mission and Ministry funding line shall be programmed at 0.10 % of Mission and Ministry income.


Team Membership

Betsy Patton, Co-Lead


Bonnie Hughes (Parish Nurse)

Bill Floyd

Denise Guest

Bev Floyd

Tom Howard

Wayne Lauderback

Gene Larue

Donna M.Corrao

Tom Murphy

Mary Ellen Boggia

Karen Dickerson

Eric Carlson, Council Liaison

Pastor Carol

Pastor Jim








Betsy Patton                                                  





















Pastor Jim Kniseley                                                   










Pastor Carol Kniseley                                                










Eric Carlson for Council