“Mutual conversations and consolation among Christians”

….Martin Luther






RLC  Vision:

"Resurrection Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered family of believers, so deeply and confidently rooted in the Gospel of God's grace, that we are free to give our lives joyfully in witness and service to those whom God has brought into our lives: within our congregation, our community, and our world." — That Christ may be seen!





 RLC  Mission:


"Marked with

the cross of

Christ forever,

 we are claimed,

gathered, and

sent -- for the

sake of the




        The purpose of the Mutual Ministry Committee is:


§         to support and facilitate the mutual ministry of the Pastors and congregation members;

§         to work with the Pastors in maintaining a spirit of harmony within the congregation;

§         to enhance communication, including feedback, between the laity of the congregation and our Pastors;

§         to serve as a resource to assess the “climate” of the congregation, identify potential areas of discord, and, as appropriate, facilitate the resolution of concerns, disagreements, and other issues in order to prevent or resolve conflict and to preserve the “Unity of the Spirit”;

§         to assist the Pastors in establishing personal, professional and organizational goals; and

§         to support and encourage the Pastors’ continuing growth and development through education and other appropriate activities.


        This will be accomplished by:

§         being a “sounding board” for the Pastors on ideas, goals, plans, opportunities, problems, concerns and other matters;

§         becoming a “listening post” for the Pastors and the congregation (to include identifying early warning signs of misunderstandings);

§         providing feedback, as appropriate;

§         offering suggestions on possible courses of action and outcomes; and

§         coaching and encouraging.


        The Committee will carry our its purpose in an environment of:

§         commitment to the mission and vision of the Church,

§         mutual respect,

§         openness and trust, and

§         absolute confidentiality.