Resurrection Lutheran Church 

World Mission Support Team Charter

Team Mission

In the name of Jesus, the World Mission Support Team educates and inspires members of Resurrection Lutheran Church to give their lives joyfully in witness and service for the sake of the world, through coordination of meaningful events and projects in support of the worldwide outreach of the Body of Christ.

Team Goals

  1. Educate the congregation on world missions.

  2. Increase awareness of world need.

  3. Actively contribute to world missions.

  4. Support Virginia Synod overseas partnering efforts.

Team Objectives

  1. Conduct monthly communications focused on different missions by geographic region.  (Goals 1, 2)

  2. Maintain a current display of active ELCA and Lutheran-affiliated missions on world map in Narthex.  (Goal 1)

  3. Conduct quarterly projects linked monthly focus areas to involve congregation in world mission support.  (Goal 3)

  4. Establish ministry teams focused by geographic region. (Goals 1, 2)

  5. Establish long-term partnering relationship with Synod-designated Lutheran-affiliated world missions (Goal 4)

  6. Partner with overseas congregations (Goal 4)


  1. Team to focus on the world missions outside the continental United States, to include missions of those national-level programs headquartered in America.

  2. Coordinate with other Ministry Teams having focus on missions within our congregation and our community.

  3. Emphasize programs of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and its link to through the Lutheran World Federation to Lutheran programs throughout the world.

4.     Effort in support of non-Lutheran programs is permitted, but the intent is to keep the majority of our focus on Lutheran activities.


1.     The Treasurer shall establish two funding lines in support of this Team:

a.     One Dedicated Account funding line entitled “World Mission Support”.

b.     One Mission and Ministry Account budgeted funding line entitled “World Mission Support Team.”


2.     Funding for Team activities shall primarily be sourced through direct contributions through the Dedicated Account.

3.     Team leader shall have discretionary obligation authority over the budgeted Mission and Ministry funding line.

4.     Mission and Ministry funding line shall be programmed at 0.10 % of Mission and Ministry income.


Team Membership


Liv Hauge

Team Leader

Ken Hauge

Assistant Team Leader

Bob Martin

Council Liaison

Tony Jenkins


Joy Bushman


Wanda LaRue


John Vanderhoof


Dianne Vanderhoof


Sharon Vines


Forrest Kennedy


Mary Grace Niemi


Nancy Evans

















Liv Hauge                                                  










Pastor Jim Kniseley                                                  










Pastor Carol Kniseley                                                 










Eric Carlson for Council