As a Greeter, you are contributing to the mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church by performing an extremely important role for all worship services.  For every worship service, the assigned Greeters serve as:


1)      Cheerful Greeters welcoming all to worship


During the week prior to Worship Service: 


¨     Read all the lessons for your worship service.


¨     Pray for guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


Before the Worship Service: 


¨      Arrive 15 minutes before the service starts.


¨     Wear your name-tag. 


¨     Go to the “welcome table” and check in with the council-person-of-the-day.


¨     Get a hot drink to warm your hands!


¨     Open both inner doors to the narthex with door-stops.


¨     Evaluate the weather, and open either one or both of the main outer doors with large doorstops.  Visitors and parishioners should not have to open a door to get into church – these should be opened for them!


¨     Check the Visitors Log on the center table, and make sure pens and welcome materials are in-place and all is neat and orderly.


¨     Take station by the inner doors, ready to shake hands.


¨     Greet all with a smile and a firm handshake (or hug!) and a “Good Morning!” or “Welcome!” or “Glad to see you today!”


¨     Introduce yourself to anyone you don’t know.


¨     Direct all visitors to sign in at our Visitors Log on the center table, and show them to the welcome table for orientation by the council-person-of-the-day), or direct them to the ushers for bulletins as appropriate (early birds to the welcome table, just-in-time folks to the ushers).



During the Worship Service:


¨     Participate in worship.


After the Service:


¨     Rejoice!  You have served well.  Try to regret any visitors you may remember!  Thank you!


¨     Pass on any concerns about worship to the Worship and Music committee.