As a Nursery Volunteer, you are contributing to the mission of Resurrection Lutheran Church by performing an extremely important role for all worship services.  For every worship service, the assigned Nursery Volunteers serve as:


1)      Caregivers and Teachers for toddlers (1-4 years old) during worship


During the week prior to Worship Service: 


¨     Read all the lessons for your worship service.


¨     Pray for guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


¨     Plan a few teaching points to reinforce the Gospel for the day as you find an opportunity.


Before the Worship Service: 


¨      Arrive 10 minutes before the service starts.


¨     Wear your name-tag. 


¨     Go to the “welcome table” and check in with the council-person-of-the-day.


¨     Put on a nursery apron – available in the coatroom.


¨     Check the nursery and see that all is safe and in-order.


¨     Ensure you have hand towels, diapers, and a first aid kit readily available.  All these are located in the nursery.


¨     Get name tags and a marker pen from the narthex credenzas.


¨     As children are brought to you, make a nametag for each, and affix nametag to child.



During the Worship Service:


¨     Entertain and teach the children while their parents worship.


¨     In the likely event that PARENTS CHOOSE TO WORSHIP WITH THEIR CHILDREN (as we strongly recommend), simply keep wearing the apron and participate in worship in the back of the sanctuary.


¨     Should a crying child be removed from worship by their parents, offer to assist.


After the Service:


¨     Rejoice!  You have served well.  Thank you!