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Plug In To Our Family!

Ministry Team Leaders -- here's who signed up on each team for 2020-2021 as of 27 Nov 2019:

These results of our Witness and Service pledging can be viewed using Microsoft Excel

Who Volunteered to do What for 2020-2021 (.xlsx)

Use the tabs at the bottom to go to whichever ministry area you are interested in and scroll down to see the names. You can also sort each column using the little filter button at the top of the column to show all the folks that signed up for a particular area. This listing includes all who have volunteered for various ministry areas, to include the forms received on November 24th 2019, and all received thereafter. If you need any help accesssing or manipulating the spreadsheet, please let Eric know and he'll be glad to e-mail you a custom report. Note: Those names highlighted in pink were first added in 2019; those in purple were first added in 2018; those highlighted in tan were first added in 2017.

To "plug-in" to any of our varied ministry areas, simply pick up a "2019 Faithful Discipleship" pledge form and place it in the offering plate any Sunday. You may also fill out the form electronically using Adobe Acrobat and e-mail it to the Church Office

Got a question about how to give to the work of the church? See our Giving page.

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