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Resources To Further Your Walk

God Calls Us to Grow!

Listed here are some of the on-line resources we have found most helpful in guiding spiritual growth. Should you come across a resource you'd like to share, please send us an e-mail and we'll review the resource and post it here for others!

The navigation bar to the left can be used to browse through our resource library.

Calculate dates for Easter & Pentecost (Enter Year (e.g. 2017)):

Pastors' weekly sermons are posted at:

Confirmation Resources are posted here:

Confirmation Schedule and Confirmation Curriculum

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On the lighter side...Weekly Lectionary Comic Strip!

ELCA Study Guide for Renewing Worship

Our favorite on-line bible texts are found at:

All worship assistants can read their Worship Assistant Guides on line!

Here are some other links:

Blue Letter Bible -- Great study resource! Shows verses in original Greek with word-to-word diagramming!

Sacred Texts - The King James Version of the Bible, in plain text. -- Study Bible resources -- Study Bible resources

Christian Documents on Line -- Lots of obscure texts

New Testament Greek -- Read NT Greek Text or go to the Lexica to type in a word in English, see it in Greek!

Luther Seminary Lay School of Theology

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg Lay School of Theology

Background Information on 100 Theological Scholars

Click on image below to search for more lifelong learning
opportunities at Faith and - Life Long Learning Opportunities for People of Faith!


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