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Text the amount you would like to give to: 540-632-4615 then follow the instructions. You can make recurring donations or cancel your donation by texting.

The Stewardship Team encourages all parishioners to give generously of the financial resources we have all been given by God. We Walk with Jesus through this life, we Listen to the Word of Life, and we Give our lives in witness and service to others! Giving our whole lives includes giving of our financial resources. As Christians, we practice the four-thousand year old biblical tradition of tithing -- the proportional giving of the first ten percent of our income to the work of the church. This practice was first instituted when the Holy Spirit inspired Abraham to give ten percent in gratitude for the first recorded successful hostage rescue of his nephew Lot (see Genesis 14:20). Jesus affirms the practice of tithing, but expands it in the Gospels to include the giving of justice, mercy, faithfulness and love (see Matthew 23:23 and Luke 11:42). The claim of God is on our whole lives -- not just money, and not just everything but money.

So what are all the ways I can give financial support to the ministries of Resurrection Lutheran Church? Here are some options:

+ Use your offering envelopes. Giving each week is a part of worship. The financial gifts of all gathered are presented to the Lord as part of weekly worship. Once you become a member of Resurrection, you'll receive offering envelopes in the mail every quarter. A sample envelope is shown below. You can just write a check or give cash and place it in the envelope. On the front of the envelope, you can specify how much of your weekly gift you'd like to go towards Mission and Ministry or the Building Fund or another restricted fund you'd like to give toward. Envelopes received at worship are counted each week by our counting team which records amounts given by envelope number. Our contributions secretary then records each contribution and issues quarterly and year-end statements which can be used when you file your taxes. Remember that the state does not tax what you give to the church!

Offering envelope

+ Give on-line.By accessing our on-line giving webpage, (or our mobile device giving site) you can set up electronic fund transfers from your bank account to Resurrection. When you log-in for the first time, you can set up a profile so you can manage your electronic giving on your own. You can change an amount, or designate different funds to receive different amounts on different schedules. If you miss worship, but still want to give your tithe, you can set up a one-time or a recurring electronic fund transfer to our General Operating (Mission and Ministry) Fund and to our Endowment Fund. When we have yard sales or silent auctions, you can also pay for items by credit card using this site. It is your one-stop location for managing all your electronic transactions for Resurrection. Note that when giving by credit card, the church has to pay the credit card fees (two to five percent depending on the type of card). You'll still get credit for your whole contribution, but the net amount available for use by the church is less because of the fees. Giving by setting up a withdrawal from your bank account means the church gets the full contribution. Gifts that are given electronically are recorded by our contributions secretary, and included in your quarterly and year-end statements. You can also view your history of giving when you do it on-line. By using the on-line giving webpage, you have control of your own electronic fund transfers, and reporting is done for you automatically. Note that payment for items received are not considered gifts and will not be included in your statements. So if you "buy something" at a church yard sale for example, that is not considered a gift to the church. Learn more by reading the Simply Giving presentation.

+ Give by TEXT: Text the amount you would like to give to: 540-632-4615 then follow the instructions. You can make recurring donations or cancel your donation by texting.

+ Give with complete anonymity. Just putting loose cash in the offering plate on Sunday provides complete anonymity, since this is recorded as "unattributable cash". We generally do not recommend this method since the state will tax you on completely anonymous gifts. If complete anonymity is important to you, this is an easy option.

+ Give land, automobiles, stock, or remember Resurrection in your Will. Please talk to Pastor or to Jack our contributions secretary to arrange special gifts. We have received many such gifts in the past and will work with you to help guide your through options. Remember we also have established an Endowment Fund to enable long-term growth of this congregation.

No matter how you choose to give, we encourage you to make financial giving a part of your weekly worship discipline. Please consider pledging your financial commitment each year for the following fiscal year. Our fiscal year runs 01 July to 30 June. Recording of your contributions is provided based on the calendar (tax) year (01 Jan to 31 Dec). Every year you should try to pledge more than you think you can give, and then give more than you pledged. The goal of every parishioner should be to give the first ten percent of their income to the work of the church.

Walk. Listen. Give! Together we can make a difference for the sake of the world...

Our Mission:

"Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered, and sent -- for the sake of the world."

Our Vision:

"Resurrection Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered family of believers, so deeply and confidently rooted in the Gospel of God's grace, that we are free to give our lives joyfully in witness and service to those whom God has brought into our lives: within our congregation, our community, and our world."

Bearing witness through service...
that Christ may be seen!


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