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Stewardship of Life!

Jesus says, “I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

We are called as Ambassadors of Christ to help make that abundant life possible. By our actions, we Reflect the Love of Christ by attending to the physical, spiritual, and intellectual needs of the world, one soul at a time. We are called by God to give sacrificially and generously of the all the resources entrusted to our care. Watch and Pray! Give and serve in the name of Jesus for the sake of the world!

The Stewardship Team serves to encourage all parishioners to be good stewards of the life and resources we have been given. We encourage all to take to heart our congregation's mission and vision shown at the bottom of this page. We are each blessed by God in order that we might be a blessing to others.

For more information about stewardship, please see the links on the left navigation bar. We emphasize service as stewards of life in the following areas:

+ "Word and Sacrament in Communion with all the Saints;

+ "Earth and Sea and all God's Creatures;

+ "Mission and Ministry of the Church throughout the World;

+ "Buildings and Grounds of our Congregation;

+ "Opportunities to Serve our Neighbors.

Take a look at our "On-line Calendar for upcoming Stewardship Events. We meet quarterly at local eateries to discuss our duty and joy as stewards of the resources wntrusted to our care as a congregation.

Print out the "With All the Saints package" with commitment cards and witness and service form all bundled together in one neat .pdf package!

Confused about how to give? Read about your options on our Giving Page. Learn about the new Give+ App. Can't figure all this out? Try the new site by clicking on the green button below. Download the RLC app for our congregation as well!

Our Mission:

"Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered, and sent -- for the sake of the world."

Our Vision:

"Resurrection Lutheran Church is a Christ-centered family of believers, so deeply and confidently rooted in the Gospel of God's grace, that we are free to give our lives joyfully in witness and service to those whom God has brought into our lives: within our congregation, our community, and our world."

Bearing witness through service...
that Christ may be seen!


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