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Stewardship of Mission and Ministry of the Church

The Mission and Ministry (M&M) Fund is the General Operating Fund of the congregation. Unlike the Endowment Fund which provides long-term investment for the congregation, the Mission and Ministry Fund provides day-to-day funding for all our many varied ministries. The Mission and Ministry Fund is the means by which we enable our ministry teams to fulfill our existential mission:

"Marked with the cross of Christ forever, we are claimed, gathered, and sent for the sake of the world!"

Your contributions to the Mission and Ministry Fund should be your tithe (first 10 percent) of your income. Contributions to the Endowment or other temporarily restricted funds should be offerings given beyond your tithe. Mission and Ministry should always be our first priority for giving. Below is a general breakout of how we typically spend our Mission and Ministry giving. We are tuly a non-profit the end of nearly every month, we have expended all that we've received in Mission and Ministry giving.

Typical Budget Allocation of Mission and Ministry Funds.

"Benevolence" is our congregation's tithe to the Virginia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, through which the truly global outreach of our church is made manifest. Our goal is to increase our tithe to the greater church to 20% by the year 2020.

Our total annual operating budget for the M&M fund is approximately $500,000. Thanks be to God for your generosity in supporting the life of this congregation!


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